The French Bistrot


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beer - wine - cocktails


Breakfast till 2 pm

Fried or scrambled eggs prosciutto tomato butter and baguette




ENTREE & SharePlates


Baguette and truffle oil butter



Charcutarie mix plater butter and fresh french baguette



Cheese plater 3 cheese and freshly baked baguette



Assiette gourmande, prosciutto, prawn, scallops, butter and baguette



Roasted Camembert with fresh pesto and seasoned crutons



Goat cheese toasted Baguette, walnuts and honey salad



Tomato bleu cheese salad truffle oil and walnuts



Prawn and scallops cassolette,leek cream, rocket salad



Crumbed calamari, parsley and Provençal aioli







Rump steak butter maitre d'hotel

served with rocket salad and tarragon paris mash



Rib fillet butter maitre d'hotel

served with rocket salad and tarragon paris mash



Chicken Niçoise

chicken thigh,tomato,garlic, olives served with tarragon paris mash



Veal escalope

served with creamy lemon sauce and tarragon paris mash



Duck chasseur (cream, mushroom, onion, white wine)

served with tarragon paris mash



Beef tartare

finely diced beef fillet mixed with onion, capers, pickles served with frites




 pepper or mushroom







barramundi fillet

saffron sauce served with chives risotto



Mussels mariniere (Mussels cooked in white wine, onion, garlic and parsley)



seafood mix (clams, barramundi,prawns, scallops, mussels)

cooked in cream & served with chips



Bouillabaisse (traditional fish soup topped with barramundi, mussels, scallops and prawns




Kids Menu


Fish and chips, steak and chips, pasta and cheese

 vanilla ice cream or strawberries





(From $17)


Vegetarian pasta

zucchini, carrot, fresh pesto and parmesan



Classic Linguini Carbonara

 prosciutto,cream, egg, parmesan



French Bistrot Gnocchi

prosciutto, tomato,mushroom, spinach,parmesan



Prawn and asparagus risotto



Southern France Prawn linguin

tomato and parmesan






Warm chocolate fondant served with vanilla ice cream



French pannacotta fresh berry selection served with strawberries ice cream



The French Bistro Créme brûlée




(Short black accompanied with vanilla ice cream and Frangelico liquor)



White Russian

(short black with a shot of vodka toppedwith cream)



Irish coffee

(Short black with a shot of Irish whiskey topped with whipped cream)



Plateau de Fromage

(three French cheeses served with a freshly baked baguette)




Latte, flat white, cappuccino, espresso, long black